Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Barrie Liberator

It was an overniter to Barrie to meet up with B.I.L. Bill and stay in a Best Western Hotel. It was a great RIDE... nice... love the Forks of the Credit and the little town of Belfountain.  Nice......Even got Glen and Bill to stop for a couple of photo ops !

We are trying to arrange another Barrie / Bala Liberator Tour IF we get some Indian summer in November.

Its Oct 23rd and Glen is sunning his ass in Fort Myers somewhere. So far the 14 days weather guess say naw.... too cold !

Catchn' Up from Around Lake Erie Tour

Well we did er back in August around Lake Erie. It started off on my newer RIDE, a Narley Harley Heritage Softail Classic and was great launching from the Port and a nice RIDE to Jarvis to meet my Budd for breky. After that the rain started..... all the way to Fort Dreary ! Man it was dreary... but we didn't let that dampen our spirits. We swished into Tim's at Fort Dreary for a much needed pit stop. As we RODE into town the rain stopped... A welcome relief. We waited and hour to cross the Border.... NOTE TO SELF: Don't cross border on a Saturday !  The first day we made er to the Fairfield Inn in Erie Pa.    and that was quite the hike.... Glen originally figured we could make it to Cleveland.... ahhhh no !!!  As it was we pulled into Erie about 5 pm or so....... THe rest of the trip was good till we wasted a WHOLE DAY waiting for the frikkken little ferry at Sandusky. It held about 3 BIKES and 6 cars.... you had to sit up top under a tarp or inside the bow of the boat jammed in drinkinn shitty coffee and even worse American danish. It was a good sail to Peelee Island...... then another waste of time waiting for the BIG Ferry to get to Kingsville, Ontario. I t was nice to get back to Ontario but man it was dark...... good thing I had Garmie.... she took us to a farmer's field and said your destination is on your left..... nothinnnn.
NOTE TO SELF:  By a Tom-Tom next time......
Lucky a restaurant was still open, as it was 10 pm, and they were able to direct us to the Days Inn in Leamington..... nice place.... Garmie was almost right.... just a few more kms down the road and there it was.... right in the middle of nowhere ! Strange...... like in a sci fi movie... but it was there.
We got unloaded quickly and I had a swim and a quik sauna..... nice.... to get rid of the road dust....... The most boring time of my RIDING career so far the the day waiting for ferries or waiting on ferries..... man that is boring. Peelee Island is a good place to drink, but I don't drink but Glen sure got addicted to texting while we were waiting for our bar food. Does it take an hour and 10 minutes to make a ceasar salad ?  Yes on Peelee Island it does!
They got nothing else to do.... then to make you wait, cuzz there isn't many options and the other restaurant is MORE money and down the other end of the island. We should have RODE there.... NOTE to self: IF there is another part of an island to explore.... do it !

Sunday, 22 July 2012

12 Days till Our Around the Lake Erie Adventure

Yuuuup.,..........we'll be on da road again !!!  Ohhh ya...... and I went to Hully Gully in London to look see and test RIDE a Harley and damned if I didn't buy it....... yuuup.....it was on my "bucket-list" .
Now I have a little bit of problem..... my CPP doesn't kick in for 5 months and 3 days !!!!!!!! Oh well, called Gail my trusty Account Manager at the bank and I'm sure she'll make er happen !
Soooooo I'll be doinn er on a "Narley Harley" and let me tell ya.... they are damned "Narley" !!! Pulls like a son na bitch.... !!!! Incredible torque !

Stay tuned.... more to come later as my RIDINN Budd Glen revamps the
Itinerary..... I think we're up to Version 3 already. We're trying to get an afternoon of kayaking the bay in Put in Bay, Ohio.... already contacted Vicki who has given us lots of useful information, right down to a recommendation for a hotel !

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday May 27 Jaunt to Vittoria

Bruce, our leader of the Village Angels came screaming up on his new RIDE
(250 cc Scooter, alittle bigger than his previous Vespa) while I was just finishing my walk with our 3 dogs about 11 am. He asked if I wanted to go for a short RIDE to Vittoria for some plants a guy has for him. I thought, well since Glen and I decided NOT to RIDE and meet today in Jarvis because of an impending thunderstorm coming at 1:30 pm., I said why not. Well the RIDE there was good but on the way back.... we got pissed on..... I mean soaked....
Had to strip down, when I got home, jacket, shirt, pants, boots the works....
I don't really like RIDING in the rain.... the corners are a bit of challenge for me when its slippery. You just have to go alot slower and be cautious. Had to dry off the bike from one end to the other.

So the "weather guessers" radar was right. The storm did come about the time they said it was going to. Well the radar said so anyway. The weather guys said 40% chance of spotty showers. Well I guess we hit the 40% where the showers were..... I will certianly believe the radar on the Weather Network Site from now on.

Binn drying out and had a snooze.............

3 rd Day, the return home

It was a cold, chilly and bit bumpy RIDE home. We stopped in Tiny, the Village of ... and Tiny Beach and then on to Wasaga Beach. COLD there on
May 16. The hot bowl of chicken noodle soup was very welcome at the Swiss Chalet. We geared up for rain, as it started to spit a bit, just to let us know that things could get worse. However after getting a bit confused with the signage on the way out of Wasaga Beach, we stopped for directions and removed my upper rainwear. I found it restrictive, like I was RIDING in a mummy suit, however kept the pants on for extra warmth and it sure did work. As we RODE out of Wasaga and into other small towns the sun came out which was a very welcome sight. We RODE through Orangeville and south down through Fergus, into Guelph (huge traffic jam due to construction) and onward to Clappison's Corners, Highway 5 and 6 stopping for a bite and some
hydration. The facilities were very welcome at that point. Glen and I parted ways there and I continued on Highway 5 west to Highway 52, however made a wrong turn and ended up going down Highway 8 towards Dundas. I turned around, back up to 5 and found the turn off for 52 towards Copetown. I lost approximately 1/2 hour and it ended up putting me into RIDING in the dark by the time I got to Port Dover. I prefer NOT to RIDE in the dark. Not a nice RIDE at all..... Made it home safety and it sure was nice getting home finally at 9:42 pm.


Friday, 18 May 2012

1st Evening & 2nd Day on Our EPIC Journey Around Georgian Bay 2012

After dinner, we took a few pictures around the TUB harbour. Explored Tobermory Harbour area ..... didn't take a whole lot of time.

Back at the Hotel, The Adventure the Bruce Inn which was billed as Tobermory's newest Inn. It was run by nice people, a husband and wife duo and were also Bikers. The rooms were spic and span, and they were very accomodating when we requested a couple of extra towels to use for the hot tub. Now the hot tub..... thats another story......needless to say, after being assured that the amenity was operating at acceptable parimeters, we were disappointing to find out the jets didn't blow worth a shit..... I went up and talked to the owner about it, as I thought perhaps I didn't turn some knob or switch the right way...... well he followed me down to the tub and said oh ya that's IT !  We had a hot tub mechanic down to fix it a couple of times and that is the best they can get out of it..... It was like one of the pumps were not operating. 

That night we retired around 10:30 pm and I was rudely awakened by Glen snoring his face off and HE said he DIDN'T snore.... ya wright !!! I was up at the crack of 4:30 am as my bowels were erupting from the Buffalo chickens I had at the Crow's Nest Pub. Anyway, needless to say, we got an early start as my shower running woke Ole Glen-Bob up...... we loaded the bikes up, and got on the road to the Chi chi mon Ferry. A short RIDE of about 2 minutes at the most. We were told to be in line at 7:40 am. We were extremely early so we went on a small tour of Tobermory and saw a bunch of cottages and a couple of squirrels. We started to load on the ferry about 8 am or so and RODE in first and tied down the bikes with ropes. Of course I was the last one to finish being new to the experience of tieing down a motorcycle (525 lbs) in a cargo hold. Two women even beat me, and I was a bit embarrassed. We went up stairs and had a good breakfast for 5.75 INCLUDING coffee and a refill too boot !
About an hour and a half later we were disembarking at South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island and RODE like madmen to Espanola. Glen said it was a 45 minute RIDE... ya wright !!!!  Try an hour and 15 minutes anyway... I don't know how these Bikers do their timing ? We had lunch in Espanola at Wendy's because all Wendy's were suppose to have WIFI, but no luck there. Onward we went, took the bypass, around Sudbury. I wish we would have had more time to stop or perhaps stay in Sudbury. I heard the poutine there at The Silver Bullet is the best in Ontario and I would have liked to do Science North again. I'm sure Glen would have liked that too. But for some reason he had to be home Wednesday night, even though he took the whole week off....... We cruised, a gruelling bumpy RIDE to Parry Sound.
It seemed like for hours. We got to next hotel the Quality Inn and Conference Centre by 5 pm or so.... had a nice dinner at the Golden Griddle, had a soothing sauna, hot tub and a swim. The we retired for the evening and got into some sun flower seeds, beers for Glen and mountain dew for me.... Glen crashed after the two beers......it worked better than any pill. Man did he snore. I also was starting to dose after trying to get on my facebook page but kept loosing connectivity. I finally turned things off and listened to the bar fridge in the room hum for awhile till I fell asleep !

Thursday, 17 May 2012

1st Day on Tour

It started off badly as Glen was 1 hour and 35 minutes late. Something about getting lost even though he was the author of the Itinerary. While waiting in the parking lot, two older gentleman came out .and saved me. Glen finally arrived and we were off, to Owen Sound and visited Fox Harley Davidson for 25 minutes. Then we lunched in Fergus then onward to Tobermory, for food, fuel, and accommodations.